The Guitar Magazine featured Kaleo and JJ's Pete Turner resonators in the November 2017 issue


In July 2017 Acoustic Magazine featured Pete Turner once again in their 'In The Workshop' feature. Read about Pete talking about what inspired him to design and build his renowned Marakech resonator - as Acoustic  puts it, "Adopting a personal and yet wildly creative approach to his designing and building techniques". 


"The best guitar I’ve ever owned"
Ray Majors of Mott

Sleeve notes for Ray's album '7% Solution' on which he plays a Pete Turner Marrekech resonator

The No.1 website for musicians, , included the Pete Turner Marrakech resonator #07 in their feature of In Pictures: Acoustic Artistry. They said "its single cone and rosewood top, back, and sides summon flat-top-meets-reso sounds with addictive ease, providing 'honk' and 'zing' in equal measure". This one is now in the expert hands of Mark Knopfler


The Marrakech Madagascar was reviewed by Guitar and Bass Magazine in July 2014 and they gave it a whopping 92% final score! - Click here to find out what they thought.


Pete is proud to have been mentioned again by Guitarist magazine in their November 2012 issue when the Marrakech was listed amongst the 6 best pro-quality acoustics to pass through their paws of late.


Pete was delighted when both Acoustic magazine and Guitarist magazine reviewed the Marrakech Rosewood and the Marrakech Maple in 2012.


As featured in the April 2012 issue

Acoustic magazine said:

“the rosewood guitar had a pronounced ‘dark side’ to it; you could say that it knew more than it was telling and that the player would have fun excavating deep for further subtleties in tone. The maple variation seemed to me to be wearing its heart pretty much on its sleeve; its bright, almost chirpy sound matched its milk chocolate livery to a tee. All of the above would seem to prove Pete Turner right in his assumption that different tone woods can contribute to the sound of a resonator”

“would suit a bluesman who wants to make a statement”

“the rosewood Marrakech’s electronic voice is as dark as its body woods, but it has an edge to it and you can tell that there is a whole new personality available once the current is flowing. If I were buying, I’d certainly take the pickup option”

Build Quality:
Sound Quality: 
Value for Money:

Read the full review here:


As featured in the December 2011 issue

Guitarist magazine said:

“An interesting and alluring take on the spider-style resonator, beautifully made with a unique tonality. We're hooked”

“there’s plenty of steely zing to the tone as if the wood is yet to play its ultimate part in the tonality”

“the hybrid flattop/resonator tonality is very appealing”  “all in all the Marrakech is a very playable, characterful guitar”

“here’s a unique instrument, then, the kind of thing you don’t think you need …. until you play one. And we’d recommend that you do. We’re hooked”

“a delightfully made and great-looking acoustic resonator”

Build Quality:
Sound Quality:
Value for money:




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