So how much will it cost for you to own a special, high spec and hand-built guitar? Well, prices for a custom guitar (Marrakech resonator) start at £2200 for a left- or right-handed model, supplied without a pick up. You can order a hand wound pick up with the guitar for a modest fee, but I always keep back a section of the same wood for a while so if you decide to order one later I can probably provide the matching cover. Every order comes complete with a quality Hiscox case.

Resonators and acoustics are costed depending on the rarity of the woods used and specification, so while you may have had a sharp intake of breath reading the above, please appreciate the exquisite craftmanship of each instrument, made of the finest quality woods, and the hours expended in hand-building and finishing from start to finish. You will be investing in not only a truly high-end instrument, unique in looks and sound, but a piece of art.

In the first instance, for any of my custom guitars please contact me so we can discuss your requirements, and I will be pleased to give you a lead-in time and costing.

On ordering, I require a non-refundable £500 deposit, with the balance payable on despatch or collection. Delivery charges will be extra, at courier cost. I regret that I am unable to accept payment by credit card, but you are welcome to pay by Paypal, bank transfer, or cheque.