Meet the Family

Meet the family……

From guitar-making as a hobby to creating this website and offering his wonderful guitars to the wider world, Pete has been supported by Team Turner! Here is a little bit more about us………

       Pete has been an avid music and hi fi fan since a teenager, and remains a devotee of vinyl. When not building his handmade guitars Pete is striving to assemble the perfect hi fi system in the music room (having  built an extension just for that!) and adding to the vinyl collection – 450 albums and counting!

       The latest project is a 1970s retro system for the man cave in the loft. Relaxing listening to music is what Pete looks forward to at the end of a hard day                                                  








     Mrs T – Heidi – is retired after some 30 years at Royal Mail Headquarters and looks after all the boring paperwork and accounts stuff. Heidi enjoys      music too, though - to her shame - can’t play the guitar.         

     Heidi likes to relax reading in her Art Deco snug, loves social history and collecting original Art Deco furniture and objets d’art   








Daughter Helen is our Social Media Guru. Helen studied Media & Communications at college, and looks after PTG socials in what little spare time she has, though always has plenty of time to tell us off if we post the wrong thing on Insta!




                                      Another music lover in the family, with an eclectic taste in both what she listens to, and what she wears        



And, last but not least, son Chris contributes lots of moral support and encouragement from behind the scenes. He likes to express his creativity through cosplay and attending international conventions




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